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  1. BARUN
    On Fire....
  2. Mark Strong
    Mark Strong
    Gain muscle better than sex
  3. James Thomas
    James Thomas
    Embrace discomfort.
  4. Chirag Gupta
    Chirag Gupta
    Happy New Year. I have a resolution to grow a full mustache this year.
  5. Michael
    Merry Christmas my testostobros
  6. Momado965
    Absence is presence.
  7. Michael
    Forearm staus - grainy and veiny. WOOP WOOP
  8. Michael
    MAGA Bitches!
    1. jack Presnell
      jack Presnell
      Can this product create blood clots like the prescription rub on Testosterone cream. I was the recipient of a heart attack after
      using that product, don't want to go there again.
      Nov 20, 2016
  9. 1n9u2
    “Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.”
  10. Chirag Gupta
    Chirag Gupta
    “Manhood is the defeat of childhood narcissism.” –David Gilmore
  11. Michael the Brave
  12. Mark Hurley
    Mark Hurley
    The fostering of SUCCESS requires Hard work + Confidence + Persistence + Motivation + Time Management + Patience + Utilization of knowledge
    1. Jorge Drdon
      Jorge Drdon
      I find myself motivated and hard working... the problem is energy levels. If you don't have the energy to do the things you need to do, none of that stuff matters :(
      Oct 16, 2016
  13. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller Mika Nanikashvili
    Hey Mika have you read much Ray Peat articles especially in regards to sodium and water intake? Chris did a youtube vid on increasing the metabolism and apart of that was sodium and not diluting fluids through water intake. Whats your take? Have a tsp of salt pre-workout, only drink when your thirsty etc. Kind regards
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    2. Duncan
      Baking Soda pre-workout
      Aug 10, 2016
  14. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller chris
    Hi Chris,
    Your youtube vid re sodium and water intake and its effect on metabolism has intrigued me. I drink a lot of water and have plenty of salt but i'm thinking too much water now because i'll cramp usually at the end of the week during sprints. Do i just drink when thirsty and have salt say pre-workout and before or what. Please help when you can
  15. Nathan Miller
    Nathan Miller Ali Kuoppala
    Hi Ali,
    Need your help with something very basic but very important - water. Understand we have to drink a lot of the stuff but is it better warm or cold, better drinking before, after or during eating. There is so much confliction on the www. Look forward to hearing from you
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  17. GonzoCeltic
    GonzoCeltic Amancay
    Hope you are doing well, Amancay. I'm usually lurking the forum; haven't saw your posts in a while. They were always insightful.
  18. The Hulk
    The Hulk
    1. Duncan
      You've been watching too much hodgetwins
      Jun 25, 2016
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  19. Jorge Drdon
    Jorge Drdon
    muscle and bones
    1. Lonestar
      *Beer and bones
      Jun 26, 2016
  20. Duncan
    Post some shit, I'm bored
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    2. Duncan
      Jun 7, 2016
    3. Lonestar
      So you like the color orange eh?
      Jun 15, 2016
    4. Lonestar
      My favorite color is meth
      Jun 15, 2016