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Blood work results

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by grizzlybear, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. grizzlybear

    grizzlybear New Member

    25y/o here. Fairly healthy usually. In the last two or so years I've felt a decrease in energy levels, also got weaker at the gym and felt decreased libido, so I decided to get a blood work done. I'm not sure whether I have a problem or if it was just me being lazy missing workouts and not eating good enough etc.
    so... here are the results, your feedback is highly appreciated :)

    TSH 1.34 0.32-5.04 mU/L
    T4 Free 15.8 10.6-19.7 pmol/L
    T3 Free 4.85 3.00-5.90 pmol/L
    Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) 2.7 <9.5 IU/L
    Luteinizing Hormone (LH) 3.1 1.1-8.8 IU/L
    Prolactin 10.5 3.8-20.6 ug/L
    AM Cortisol 280 125-536 nmol/L
    Estradiol 89 pmol/L (24 pg/ml) <157 pmol/L
    Progesterone 1.1 0.4-1.8 nmol/L
    DHEA Sulphate A 15.8 <15.0 umol/L
    Testosterone 17.9 nmol/L (515 ng/L) 8.4-28.8 nmol/L
    Testosterone Free Calculated 451 115-577 pmol/L
    Testosterone Bioavailable Calculated 10.6 2.7-13.5 nmol/L
    Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 23.6 10.0-70.0 nmol/L
    25-Hydroxyvitamin D 83 75-150 nmol/L
    Hemoglobin A1C 5.1 4.5-6.0 %
  2. Mark Hurley

    Mark Hurley Active Member

    Your free/bioavailable testosterone levels are very good as well as estradiol. Don't stress too much on Total Testosterone. I've observed that a lot of men with high Total also deal with high SHBG and hence lower free T. It could be the body's response to up-regulate total hormone production because it senses not enough is being utilized. Also, sensitivity to hormones plays a role. Your body is utilizing its hormone reserves very efficiently. My Total Testosterone was 1124 ng/dl, yet my bioavailable T was only 164 ng/dl (not too high in relation to Total) You didn't check DHT levels, which is derived from Total T. DHT directly increases energy and strength because it up-regulates nervous system response. There's many variables to consider, however, that lead to diminished energy. High cortisol, lack of nourishment, lack of sleep, exc could all lead to diminshed energy levels.

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