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early morning lifestyle tips

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by jimmymac, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. Amsterdammertje

    Amsterdammertje Active Member

    My ideal morning routine
    Make coffee
    Drink some water
    Jump rope as long as you can. Time it, andto build up to 5 minutes
    5 minute meditation
  2. Jonah

    Jonah Member

    Hey man!

    A lot of good things are mentioned here. Cold showers are great, some coffee is good (if you can tolerate it).

    One thing to be aware of. In the morning, our bodies respond well to getting light. This helps with optimal circadian rhythm patterns and can keep stress levels lower throught the day. So o would recommend either trying to stare directly at the sun (if there's sun around you), or using a sun/light lamp. Also, some good hydration from water is good. Caffeine can be good to get you out of state of grogginess but I don't think it works well with most people. In fact, over time it can really stress you out. Tea is a good option to get you alive.

    You actually get a short cortisol spike in the morning which is good. It helps you wakeup. So if you feel tired and groggy that means your sleep wasn't deep and some caffeine can help reset your circadian rhythm to help with sleep.

    That combined with getting some light right in the morning (just 10-15 minutes) can make a great difference.
  3. David90

    David90 Active Member

    WORD. Here is a Post by @Amancay about Coffee:

    Last edited: Dec 22, 2016
  4. Jonah

    Jonah Member

    Hey Guys,

    Hope all is going well. I got a few thoughts on this topic.

    1. Exercise In The Morning

    Cortisol, a steroid-like hormone responsible for allowing us to smash kick-ass workouts. As its highest in the morning, doesn’t it make sense to use your body’s natural supply to knock out your workout?

    Use it to your advantage.

    2. Get Some Light

    Expose your eyes to some bright light upon waking. As I enjoy rising with the sun, I like to expose my eyes to the full spectrum of light the sun provides. Its warming, waking, and halts the production of melatonin – the light-sensitive hormone our pituitary gland creates to make us sleepy. Getting bright light in the morning disrupts melatonin (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4334454/)

    3. Stay Away From Electronics Upon Waking

    Don’t check your phone. When you go to sleep during the night – your body resets. It repairs from all the stress it received the day before. Electronics, and cellphones, are stressors. Allowing your body at least an hour after waking avoiding your phone or any electronics for that matter, will work wonders.

    The harsh, negative effects emitted of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) from your electronics deserve their own post but its worth noting they do distract you and can be early stressors on in your day.

    Some of these can really make a difference. I wrote a whole article here about this very topic where you can find more habits to put into play. You can find it here (http://tranquilizedmind.com/2017/01/09/morning-routine/).

  5. Leona Allen

    Leona Allen New Member

    Yoga followed by meditation followed by a healthy breakfast is my early morning lifestyle tip.
  6. mag99

    mag99 Active Member

    I believe you on the black coffee. But I must add that after starting a daily meditation practice though, I can handle coffee so much better because of much better cortisol control, but I still can't drink it every day. Also my CNS is recharging sooo much faster when I meditate each day, it's crazy, goes to show how much constant stress and bad sleep is fucking up the ability for your CNS to recover.
  7. Aaron Smith

    Aaron Smith New Member

    I love drinking coffee it is also good for my prostate

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