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Tips For Healthy Gut

Discussion in 'Gut Health' started by Alba, May 27, 2016.

  1. Alba

    Alba New Member

    Hi, I'm new on this forum. I've got so much info from here, this is great forum!

    Need some advice for gut/other health issues i'm dealing with. For last 12 months i've had problems with digestion, had constipation, heartburn, gas, bloating etc. Generally i eat healthy, but i do binge drink maybe 1-2 times a month (I'm trying to cut that). And everytime i drink i get something like yeast infection symptoms under my foreskin?! Get symptoms aswell if i eat junk food etc... Also i feel like i'm very sensitive to everything, foods, supplements, chemicals and so on.

    And my skin health has gone worse: dry skin, poor wound healing, easy scarring, easy bruising (i have very light skin), skin redness, varicose veins and i have varicocele too on my left ball. And i've noticed some redness on right side of my face. Its almost like butterfly rash but skin feels normal and doesnt itch.

    I think i have nutrient defincies because my digestion not workin properly and thats why my skin is telling something is wrong. Especially fats are problematic to digest... I'm paranoid that there is something wrong with my liver, and that my gut flora is very badly fucked up.

    Need to mention that i did take too much ecstacy and speed last year. It was stupid and i've cut that totally. Trying to get my life back on track now... But i know it ruined my gut health somehow and mental health too, cause for many months i had panic symptoms, anxiety and very bad stress. Mentally i'm better now (thanks to this and other forums), but still dealing with gut issues. I do have some stress so maybe this is all stress related...

    I've visited a doctor and my complete blood count is normal. I also took cholesterol test and my LDL is just little over reference range.

    So, all info and help are welcome! Sorry my bad english i wrote this in a hurry
  2. Mika Nanikashvili

    Mika Nanikashvili Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum man,

    Yep defiantly gut health issue.

    First of all taking drugs will absolutely without a doubt have a negative impact on your Liver, especially the oral ones.

    If you haven't tested your vitamins and minerals, test them, especially hair mineral analysis is useful. Also i recommend you check your liver values, if you already haven't.

    I think @Amancay can provide you with some very good information on this topic.
  3. Chieftain

    Chieftain Active Member

    When you say "too much", what dosages of amphetamine and MDMA are we talking here? If you can, go check your AST and ALT through a blood test. A great way to improve gut health is to eat alot of fermented foods like sauerkrat and kimchi. I got rid of my acid reflux by taking some organic apple cider vinegar along with eating fermented foods everyday, aswell as having bananas with every meal. Worked great for my stomach.
  4. Mika Nanikashvili

    Mika Nanikashvili Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Yeah thats a good tip, probiotics are a way to go.
  5. Alba

    Alba New Member

    Liver values are ok. And yea i should test my vitamins and minerals.

    I took ecstasy maybe 2 times a month last year, sometimes less. I found out pretty quickly that my mental health was getting worse: i got panic attacks, severe sleep problems (brain zaps when i tried fall asleep), anxiety and kind of paranoid about my health. I was scared that my liver, heart, circulation and brain are all fucked up and i'm gonna just die suddenly. Strong pills usually are 200mg or more MDMA or what ever shit there is in those pills. I took 1-2 pills during night... Cant say about speed dosages, enough to keep me rolling. Just saying too much for me cuz i'm mentally pretty weak. I've had panic symptoms and anxiety even before drugs so...

    Now really trying to improve my hormonal and overall health. Lesson learned dont mess with your brain! I still have stress, racing mind and some difficulties to stay asleep but i feel a lot better than a few months ago. Really worried about my gut health right now.

    I've added fermented foods to my diet but not sure if ACV is good for me. I think it gives me more heartburn sometimes even i take only 1 teaspoon before meal. Is that dosage too high? Are probiotic supplements worth to try or are fermented foods superior? I started to use pure aloe vera gel and that really helps with constipation and maybe some little improvement with digestion.

    Maybe i should start new thread how to balance neurotransmitters cuz i'm telling too much about my mental status lol. But gut and brain are connected, right?

    Btw are floating stools sign of fat malabsorption? Or too much fiber? Thanks for replies
  6. Area-1255

    Area-1255 Active Member

    1.) Don't ignore your gut.
    2.) Don't deprive yourself of fiber.
    3.) Eat a fair amount of fruit.
    4.) Eat high-quality protein.
    5.) Don't forget to drink plenty of water, especially on hot days.
  7. Alba

    Alba New Member

    I did baking soda test this morning and it took over 5 minutes to burb. I also crave sour foods. I will buy betaine HCL and do another test.

    If i have low stomach acid then ACV should help? Sometimes it gives me more heartburn but will keep taking it before meals to see if it goes better. Other ways to increase HCL than supplement? I've read from another thread that sea salt and ginger before meals should help. How much sea salt is good to take per day, couple tsp?
  8. Alba

    Alba New Member

    Ok, i definitely start taking salt. Thanks for great info.
  9. james macdonald

    james macdonald Active Member

    Quick question...what is generally regarded as the best way to get liver values tested?
  10. Strider

    Strider Active Member

    Get liver enzymes checked first, ALT, AST and AP. Then go ask the doctor to test albumin and bilirubin too if these your enzymes are showing up normal but you are still having alarming symptoms of liver failure.
  11. Johnathan

    Johnathan New Member

  12. Johnathan

    Johnathan New Member

    Hey Alba,

    I have recently joined the forum and wanted to respond to your dilemma of poor gut health.

    Well, for the last 4.5 years I have learned in bits and pieces, and by trial and error how to ease my own symptoms of gut distress or dysbiosis. Only recently, within the last month have I come to understand what is fully necessary for acquiring a "Warrior Gut". Herein lies my strategy.

    First of all, merely taking probiotics is *NOT* going to solve the overall problem of gut health. You definitely need probiotics but they are only 1/4th of the 'BASIC' Gut equation. Moreover, in relatively healthy guts supplementing with probiotics can fight off candida also known as gut yeast and quickly solve digestive problems.

    Unfortunately, there are some opportunistic pathogens which are happy to live inside one's gut ALONGSIDE the 'good bacteria' known as probiotics and they still wreak havoc on our bodies.

    Here are the villains:

    1.) Fungi, 2.) Bad Bacteria, 3.) Candida or gut yeast, as well as 4.) Microorganisms (such as giardia or even amoeba) can live in different areas of our gut.

    When the good bacteria are outnumbered you can have what is called 'SIBO' or 'SIFO' small intestinal bacteria overgrowth or fungal overgrowth.

    Here is the basic solution as prescribed by the "Gut Goddess" Dr. Grace Liu whom I recently discovered:

    A. (Test)- Get tested to know what you are fighting. I recommend a consultation with a Food Allergist, Gut Specialist, or Nutritional Biochemist. Insurance is a must as doctors and tests add up.

    These are the tests you will need: 1.) the Genova Intestinal Permeability Test 2.) Genova CDSA/P (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis / Parasitology) 3.) Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Profile Stool. Here is the link for you to read why each one is necessary:


    B. (Weed)- Remove the villains. Avoid taking antibiotics unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! Antibiotics kill off the good and bad bacteria. Some people are taking antibiotics for minor issues like colds, sore throats, and so on for months on end.

    The good bacteria must be reintroduced into the body vigorously AFTER the villains have been banished from your system. Most of the intestinal villians arrive after taking antibiotics as they quickly thrive without the good bacteria to fight them back.

    Please! Get tested first! Then weed!

    Dr. Grace Liu of www.thegutinstitute.com uses Neem, Oregon Grape, Triphala, Grapefruit Seed Extract, and Wormwood to clear out the villains. However, that is not the full arsenal for combating certain villains as some don't respond to herbal remedies. So it is best to test.

    3. (SEED)- The most powerful Super Hero Probiotics of the gut are: AKKERMANSIA, BIFIDUS LONGUM, and CHRISTENSENELLA.

    They make up the A,B,C,'s of the gut. They must attach themselves to the gut lining and Christensenella is quite difficult to reintroduce.

    4. (Feed)- Probiotics need to be fed foods that they like called 'Pre-biotic fiber'. The goal is to have them multiply in your gut.

    After reading your post it appears that your 'gut lining' has been damaged. When the gut lining is damaged food particles such as gluten and lactose escape through the intestinal wall and cause inflammation and any number of issues as well as brain fog, skin problems, gas, and bloating.

    Here is what you can do today to start relief from gas and bloating. Avoid foods made from wheat , dairy , and eggs . The beer you drink must be gluten free as well! You will notice a difference in two weeks.

    There is a whole process for repairing the gut lining. Bone broth is a natural remedy for sealing the gut but regular ole glutamine can assist. My food allergy doctor has me using Gastrocort II for sealing the gut lining.

    Here is the link to a podcast of Dr. Liu. I recommend you Google her and search for her on YouTube to learn more.

    My 4 year story in a quick nutshell:

    I was working out with my bodybuilding trainer and was 199.5 lbs. My beginning weight was 146lbs at 6'2" in 2008.

    My mother passed away in May of 2012 and I went back to my home state to handle the funeral and estate. I was previously eating 5 or 6 meals a day but switched abruptly to 1 or 2 meals a day handling arrangements and running around town each day. Stress, poor food choices, low meal quantity, grief, and tension with siblings took a toll on me.

    Three weeks later after everything with her estate was handled I returned home to DC and tried to get back to eating six meals again.

    I just learned that according to Dr. Liu, I created a condition for gut distress called dysbiosis. The good bacteria underwent shock from sudden weightloss and external pressures. In fact, at 179lbs. I recorded a loss of 21 lbs of muscle!

    When I tried to get back in the gym I couldn't eat the quantities of food I was previously able to consume. Three meals overwhelmed my system and I was in a Thanksgiving coma everyday.

    About that time I took antibiotics for giardia (stay away from rimming or oral-anal sex, lol) and an upper respiratory tract infection.

    That's when I started getting gas, bloating, loose stools, slow digestion, and fatigue.

    Gut health is the key to overall health. The saying is true, "All health starts with the gut".

    OK my friend you are now on your way!
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  13. Douglas Ek

    Douglas Ek Active Member

    Hi Alba!

    I've been in the same boat or still kinda am working on getting my shit straight after some years of drug abuse. I had exact same symptoms as you and some stuff that really helped me out. I over abused MDMA quite a lot and like you discovered the effects on your mental health and hormonal health aswell.
    I got anxiety, panic attacks, hard time sleeping, restlessness in legs, over sleeping, fatigue, low libido blabla you name it. Its been a long and educating journey for me and I can tell you first thing first stop all illegal drugs and another advice stop drinking alcohol for a couple of months as well and if you use nicotine stop that aswell, also if your into watching porn and masturbating a lot stop that to it does a major difference on your energy levels.
    Your HPA axis has gotten thrown off and probably been like that for awhile and a lot of neurotransmitters are probably far from optimal as well so indulging in stuff that requires a lot of neurotransmitters and hormones like substance use and masturbation is not gonna help you heal. You have to undo changes to your nervous system and of course you can get a bit better quite fast but nervous system changes dont really happen until sort of 3 months abstinence is when your brains wiring starts to rewire back to function without all the stuff. So abstaining as good as you can for 3 months is a good starting point and you can heal completely in the end.
    What really helped me get on my way again and its a decision you have to take yourself is actually taking an SSRI i took zoloft for 6 months and been free from it now for 6 months as well. People always talk how bad it is but it wasnt for me and it was what i needed. Things like decreased libido is not something that is a definite taking an SSRI. I actually got more libido when i was on it and for the first time in 2 years i started having regular morning erections while i took it. I think the problem people do with their SSRI is that they take a bigger dose than what they really need. doctor prescribed me minimum dose of 50mg which apparently is the minimum effective dose but i split that pill in half and only took 25mg each day for the 6 months i was on it because i started feeling the side effects when i was taking 50mg and was not getting any on 25mg and only seeing improvements. The thing is that its a balance between your dopamine and serotonin. Since SSRI increases serotonin and thats what you fucked up by doing to much mdma increasing that back to normal will help you but if you take a bigger dosage then you will get to much serotonin which will decrease dopamine and lower libido and make you lethargic etc. So i recommend trying that and experimenting with dosage. Start as low as possible and increase if you feel you need to and decrease if you start noticing side effects. It will almost take 3 months on ssri untill you start leveling out and feeling really good. the last 3 months on my 6 months was the best ive feelt in my whole life actually. I had energy, libido, sleept really good etc and during this time was functioning great got promoted at work and got a new girlfriend. When you decide to quit its important to also lower the dosage gradually so you shouldnt feel any side effects then either. This is so that your nervous system can slowly adjust itself while you tapper out and not get shocked by the sudden stop. I see it as hitting a string so that it vibrates. If you abruptly stop you hit that string hard and it will make big waves like BOOING!! and slowly vibrate back to normal where your serotonin levels will instantly drop rock bottom low than your body counters that and it gets super sensitive to serotonin and it goes high and then low and high, low, high, low etc until its even out. Hope you get my explanation. when i quit i didnt recover back fully and im still feeling a bit like before i got on ssri but much better though so it helped. I dont have any problems sleeping anymore, i dont have anxiety or panic attacks at all either. The things im combating today which is fatigue, sometimes low libido and restless legs and a bit strange stomach. But i pointed all that down to excess cortisol levels. Something Ive noticed is important is sleep and not getting to little or to much of it. I love to oversleep but thats really bad because it will raise your cortisol which causes inflammation in your body and the inflammation lowers neurotransmitters more including serotonin. Serotonin works like an anti stress neurotransmitter so when its low your body is like in a constant state of stress and inflammation and working out and training to much at this point is not good. Take walks or jogs everyday. Get a regular sleeping pattern and sunlight in your eyes everyday. Sunlight is so important i live in sweden this time a year really sucks coz we have like 6 hours sun outside. And getting sunlight in your eyes tells your brain to produce more serotonin. Later in the evening that serotonin gets converted to melatonin when your supposed to go to sleep. The melatonin will then help you get a restful sleep and help optimise your hormone release that night in for the next day. Testosterone and all the other important hormones also helps keeping your dopamine and serotonin levels in a balanced optimal state. Besides all that eat healthy. And once you start feeling better and better you can incorporate more things like heavier work outs when you feel that you start getting the energy back and like libido getting strong because thats sign that your testosterone levels are becoming normal and also a sign your cortisol levels are getting lower so you can increase your training without hitting that cortisol to high and going into acute over training. Also the gut problems 90% or some number like that of all the serotonin produced in your body actually is produced in your gut. And MDMA works on your serotonin system so messing that up also has a major effect on your stomach which you probably can tell by this point. It will all get better and better by doing smart life-style changes. But if i where you i would focus mostly on getting my body into a balance and not worrying to much about sky rocketing your testosterone levels or something like that. You need to be in a good place with your health to be able to work your t-levels and hormones to an optimal health. Hope this helped and you should know your not alone. Wish you the best
  14. Douglas Ek

    Douglas Ek Active Member

    sorry for not spacing or anything hahaha couldnt be fucked writing so much info

    also would like to mention like a lot of the problems with your skin etc can also be cortisol related so test that. If your cortisol is constantly high like i mentioned your body goes into a state of constant inflammation and that causes your immune system to react and attack your own body like autoimmune system diseases. There's tons of different autoimmune system diseases that affect your differently and in different degrees and a lot of them can be connected back to having high cortisol levels and chronic inflammation and stress screwing up your bodies immune system. Same there goes with the gut and like every system in your whole body.

    Some supplements that has done wonders for me:
    - Good multivitamin & mineral
    - Uridine read this link https://selfhacked.com/2016/06/23/uridine/
    - Fish oil
    - Acetyl L-Carnitine, Has even been proven to combat mdma induced oxidative stress while taking the drug.
    - Citicoline

    Out of these get uridine. Its an amazing supplement and im suprised I havent heard of it more. Uridine in combination with fish oil and choline has been shown to increase brain matter and spinal nerve growth. So if you done drugs like mdma and meth that trashes your nervous system its a given

    A combination of uridine, DHA, and choline can help increase the number of synapses that are formed in the brain (R). These three nutrients have a synergistic effect.

    Uridine administration was shown to improve sleep, prevent epilepsy, and promote plasticity (changing of the brain’s structure and function) (R).

    Uridine administration helped increase slow wave sleep in sleep-deprived rats (R).

    Depending on the dosage, uridine also helped stop epileptic episodes in rats. Three injections a day prevented seizures while only one injection did not do anything (R).

    Brain plasticity improved after four continuous days of uridine dosage. Neurite filaments and neurites increased in brain cells (R).

    In gerbils, uridine monophosphate with choline and DHA led to enhanced cognitive function. Synaptic proteins and neurotransmitter increased after supplementation, and the gerbils’ performances on brain exercises greatly improved (R).

    Uridine activates the P2Y2 receptor, which helps with neurite outgrowth (R). This receptor potentiates the effects of neurotrophins (such as NGF) in neuronal development and regeneration.

    P2Y2 receptors are required for enhanced neuronal differentiation and increase growth-associated protein-43 (GAP-43), a marker for axonal growth (R).

    The P2Y2 receptor is believed to play an important role in neuroprotection under inflammatory conditions. The receptors are increased under inflammatory conditions (IL-1b) for this reason (R, R2).

    Uridine Improves Memory
    Long-term exposure to uridine also increases memory in both humans and rats.

    When supplemented with choline, verbal and logical memory in humans improved (R).

    Uridine can help delay symptoms of Alzheimer’s by stimulating synapse formation (R).

    In rats, learning and memory skills improved. Memory dysfunction related to hippocampus damage was also alleviated (R).

    Rats given uridine-5′-monophosphate also had increased acetylcholine (R) and dopamine (R).
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  15. james macdonald

    james macdonald Active Member

    Just curious, What would be symptoms of liver failure? My values came in very normal. Lower than middle of reference range.
  16. DHT>T

    DHT>T Member

    Liver failure is an extreme condition..one will be already hospitalized if he reaches the point of liver failure..most common symptoms of liver failure are jaundice and hepatitis B

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