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Training Recommendations

Discussion in 'Training' started by Andrew Colucci, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. David90

    David90 Active Member

    Right. You Must Test everything and see what Works for you. It's Different for each Individual.

    In my case I Drop the Weight sometimes to 15%. But only if i do 2 Sets (to get a Little more Volume in for the missing Third Set). Because i was doing Lower Volume for a While and now i want to do a higher Volume Routine for a Few Months.
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  2. davebassfishing

    davebassfishing Well-Known Member

    I'd thought I'd put this here because maybe it can help any of those that have stalled or are looking for something unconventional...let me just say that if you haven't tried something don't knock it...if it seems odd and unconventional it is...but it doesn't mean it can't work...this guy bastionhead on YouTube has an unconventional low frequency workout regimen...he splits his workouts into 4 different body parts and he hits them hard every 3rd day...you end up hitting each muscle group fresh 12 days apart...here's how it looks...I'm not going to go into exercises but it's pretty simple...2 main exercises for 3 sets each...I can't speak for this program yet because I haven't personally tried it yet but I'm starting this on Saturday...



    Shoulders and triceps (optional triceps)


    Now this has worked for this guy...doesn't mean it will work for everyone or won't...only way to know for sure is try...but what I like about this program is 2 major things...you really hit everything extremely fresh...shoulders get their own day far apart from chest and back gets its own day...you also hit biceps completely fresh..you train with very high intensity taking every set 1 rep shy of failure...no pacing out sets like 3 sets of 10...you train rpt or just as many reps as possible...intensity must be high...this is a low frequency regimen so you only have one shot to really hit that muscle group hard and stimulate growth and then just relax...I'll post a couple of his videos here...he recorded everything over the years...real scientific approach and this he believes gets him the best results...if you watch the entire video he goes over his training log and shows the progress he made...sometimes he adds 3 reps per workout...others he adds 10 lbs per workout

    Pros of this program
    No worry about over training/high cortisol
    Hit every body part completely fresh...CNS and muscle groups themselves

    Might be too long in between workouts for beginners or those that haven't really have much experience with lifting...if you have good technique and practice with majority of lifts for a good chunk of time then this can be for you...not for beginners though because they aren't going to get as much "practice" with their lifts...

    I don't think there's only one way to train and that's it...I think high frequency programs have their place as do low frequency and ones that fall in between...
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  3. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    That wasn't 385x6. That was 6 singles done in the course of a minute, hahaha.

    Anyway, dude is fairly jacked. Safe to say you're not going to break any records doing a muscle group once a fortnight. Once a fortnight seems an absolute minimum for maintaining gains. I'm trying a new program at the moment after alpha destiny's naturally enhanced (which I lost a ton of strength on). What I found worked pretty well for my squats was upper lower split 2x a week. Heavy squats once a week and medium intensity squats done for higher reps once a week.
    What I really enjoy doing? One balls to the wall set to failure on a muscle group, Dorian Yates style. Cheating and forced reps encouraged. The training is so dense (lots of poundage moved in a short amount of time) that it builds muscle and it sure as hell builds strength. If you've ever done Kroc Rows or 20 rep squats you know what I mean.
  4. davebassfishing

    davebassfishing Well-Known Member

    I know. Michael you are 100% right....he really takes his time and he doesn't let fatigue build up...but it's not like he just trained that way that one time to increase his reps...this is the way he always trains so he does improve on his reps from his prior workouts because he's working out the same way...it's just food for thought...you don't know how anything is going to be until you try it...I, myself get caught up in the dogma and all the shit I read online...it's all speculations...muscle building studies are all speculations...it's not an exact science...it never will be...I like to try different programs to the extreme and see how they affect my body...

    I was going to try this low frequency workout because it fit my schedule nice but now my shift changed and I can workout 7 days a week if I would like to so I am actually going to go the opposite route...I am learning much more about powerlifters and how they train lifts many times a week to get as strong as they are...it's not all about muscle growth it's about motor skills as well...

    my plan for this year is to try about 4 different programs...I have taken Greg Ogallaghers advice to the extreme and probably have been undertraining my body this entire time. I have been sticking with high intensity one exercise per muscle group 3 day split so I hit every muscle group fresh...problem is I am weak and still a newbie even though I have been lifting for about 2-3 years...I believe I can reap the benefits of higher frequency and do the same minimalist routine with the same 3 main lifts but do it all in one day...I am going to drop 1 set for each body part so now it's going to be 2 sets down from 3 for incline bench, weighted pull ups and overhead press...I am going to actually double the weekly volume by doing this and hit each muscle group 3 times more per week...which I think is going to be great for neural adaptation/motor skill learning...I might gain a little size from the increased amount of time I spike protein synthesis but I just want to get stronger and if this gets me stronger then I will do it as long as I can reap the benefits from it...then when I get more advanced if things start slowing down I will change things up....

    I believe that we need to train in all rep ranges like I'm sure most do believe here as well...but I have never even bothered trying singles or doubles or even triples for that matter. I don't think a bad way to go about this is to do something that this guy ufpwrlifter did...if you haven't heard of him I'll link his short blog post below...dude hit 410lb touch n go bench press at 154 lbs! His personal program he shares...if you want to bench a lot you need to bench a lot (frequency)...but it has to be structured correctly...you don't want to burn out you want to stay strong so you get good practice...

    I have a lot of plans this year for busting through plateaus and I know I need more frequency...funny I'm saying that after my last post in this thread was about a low frequency approach...but I believe at my personal skill level as a lifter I wouldn't do well on a low frequency program. Because I have basically been on a low frequency program the entire time and haven't made much strength gains to write home about. I think my body needs more "practice" at these lifts before I can focus on strength AND size...if I can get my strength up and size comes with it fine but I think I need more low rep work MORE OFTEN without burning out...once I get that strength up then I can actually benefit from hypertrophy designed programs...even if it's still relatively low reps like 4-6...


    check that out...It wouldn't hurt to run it for a month while maintaining strength on other lifts if you can...even if you lost some strength you are making up for it by putting on a minimum of 20 lbs to your bench in 4 short weeks...might not be a bad idea to train each body part separately for 1 month at a time...I know it's unconventional but why not? It's not like everyone is walking around super huge....guys that aren't on steroids any way....
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  5. davebassfishing

    davebassfishing Well-Known Member

    did you watch his entire video though? he shows the progress that he makes from his last workout which was like 14 days ago...but like I said above I do believe this program is only for advanced lifters that have exhausted their newbie gains with a higher frequency program...they have mastered the lifts to some degree...

    I really think I need to start lifting like a powerlifter...get my strength up...even with singles or just high frequency programs like ufpwrlifter that I mentioned above...smolov jr...shit like that...not peaking programs but programs that are going to keep that strength...then go into higher rep work for hypertrophy...I believe that it's a great way to prevent plateaus...I don't really think we need a huge variety of different workouts to get big...just need to do it often with the right intensity and switch rep ranges from 8-12 to 6-8 to 4-6 to powerlifter routines of triples doubles and singles...
  6. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    Haha, I'm just kidding man. There's many ways to skin a cat.
  7. davebassfishing

    davebassfishing Well-Known Member

    I know man but you are right it's funny how he trains...

    You brought me on to Eric bugenhagen...do you ever try his unorthodox way of training? I believe he trains one lift at a time every day and works up to a top set...how he works up to that top set remains a mystery but he lifts with high intensity and high frequency...interesting approach...he's pretty jacked and strong as hell
  8. Michael

    Michael Active Member

    It would have been years since I've tried Bugenhagen's method of training, one lift a day - so I can't really comment with any accuracy. I like how the structure of a program keeps me working on multiple things at a time and doesn't weak points accumulate. At the same time, "one and done" is such a fun way to train.

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